White noise, Galleria Bronda, Helsinki 2.-31.12.2020     www.bronda.fi

Golden branches, 140x90cm (sold) 

Kultaiset oksat

The golden bough was a tree branch with golden leaves that enabled the Trojan hero Aeneas to travel through the underworld safely, The golden bough is also a book by anthropologist James Frazer.

Frozen borders, 120x110cm (sold)

Jäätyneet reunat

The transition from autumn to winter and then back is visually nurturing, the changing in water forms, the fringes of ice are beautiful.

Snow tree, 70x95cm


Up here I notice I have a different attitude to snow, now that it is no longer taken granted for.

White Tudor, 110x90cm  (sold)

I enjoy fashion photography and haute couture as an artform, and devour Paris catwalk images. Also traditional clothing, the exessive work by hand.

Cloud collector, 90x90cm (sold) 


I see a very few fishing boats in Santonen now, because the sea is so low. The boats that pass by are for fun, seemingly collecting the clouds and the views. 

Handwork/Käsityö, 120x110cm (sold) 

Spending life alone sometimes hits me, not physically so much, as just the fact, that I feel everything alone, there is no one to tell how great that sky looks, or how different a day can be.

Gold and rosebuds, 50x60cm (sold)

Kulta ja nuput

My favourite rose, Juhannusruusu.

Grey streets 60x50cm, Galleria Bronda, Helsinki 1500€

Snowballs, 80x80cm (sold)


I painted these snowballs light as cottonballs.

Mangrove, 90x110cm

I am fascinated by all waterline plants, trees and tuffets, and living on an island, I see the changes daily. This was supposed to become a moss-painting, but the white buds and flowers made it something far more exotic. Minua kiehtoo kaikki vetiset maastot, suot, laguunit.

Golden square, 80x80cm (sold) 

Tidal waters reveal and hide plants and little animals, and I always marvel how well the small seashells and tiniest sand gobies adapt to environment.

Vuorovesi paljastaa ja peittää vesirajan eliöt

Archer/Jousiampuja, 90x140cm  (sold)

Archery has such beauty in it, and this lady in white somehow formed an arch that I could not ignore. I think more of an evening gown than a wedding garment.

Birds on the wire, 130x110cm (sold) 

Linnut langalla

Song by Leonard Cohen, among other things. Also in memory of my grandmother, a keen birdwatcher. I happily inherited her superior looking-glasses. My summer atelier is situated right on the bird fly route between two massive birdwaters. 

White noise, 90x110cm (sold) 

Valkoinen kohina

Kimono, 55x46cm (sold) 

I am a happy owner of a few kimonos and some fancy haoris. I love the hand-stiched details and hidden seams. The heaviness of thick silk.

Helpless creatures, 40x120cm

Avuttomat olennot

I feel we are such delicate little creatures in the furious waves of time.

Line up/Rivi, 60x70cm

I think the first really strong esthetic experience for me as a child was visiting a family friend´s summer house, and there was a riverbank with greenest grass you can imagine, and white birches growing in line. Ever since I have had a thing with tree lines reflecting from water.

Prince consort/Prinssipuoliso, 41x33cm (sold)

I had this companion guard my atelier for a longest time, and felt a bit sad when I had to let him go.

White rain, 110x130cm (sold) 

Valkoinen sade

Why is it that we do not have a word for snowing in finnish? We name different kinds of snows just like that, but it still rains snow when it snows.

Forest stage, 70x110cm


As a kid I had a favourite spot in nearby forest, it was just a little clearing with high soft grass and trees around. It was a secret stage for me and my dreams of tranquillity.

Morning in Milano, 115x110cm (sold)

Aamu Milanossa

I have only seen Duomo of Milano early in the morning, when I ask the taxi driver to drive by, and let me see it for a few minutes.

Grey stones, 60x50cm

The strongest memory of Florence in winter is the all-around grey stone, especially irregular vast stone slabs covering the streets.

Kielot, 120x110cm

Hailuodossa ateljeeni vieressä valtavan männyn juurella kasvaa runsaasti metsätähtiä. Pikisaaressa olen yrittänyt saada kielot sinnittelemään pihallani. Yleensähän kielo leviää hetkessä, mutta ei. Ihmettelen, miten toinen kasvi on niin vahva, ja toinen ei.

Frozen trees, 90x140cm (sold) 

Jäätyneet puut

For an artist Northern Finland is a lucky place to live, for we have our three beautiful seasons. (We do not have spring. We have a spring day, and that´s it). All frozen days have different special charms.

December, 95x70cm, Galleria Bronda, Helsinki

Dunes and waters, 130x110cm  (sold)

Dyynit ja vedet

The seashore in Hailuoto is constantly changing, and ground rising still after iceage pressure. Low sandy shore is of yellowish sand and yellowish water, and when walkin in the low water, it looks like you are walking in solid gold.

Gold cloud, 110x90cm


Gold color of sand dunes, so even from afar, and diverse from near. The tide leaves fine lines to the sides of dunes.

Grey strones, 70x60cm (sold) 

To the walled garden, 130x110cm (sold)

I enjoy lookong at all different formal and informal gardens, especially old gardens of Europe with their long histories and current devoted owners. 

Lovers, 80x80cm


A sucker for romance, always.

Duomo blu, 90x90cm

The south facade of Duomo of Florence. Walking straight away from this spot deep down the narrow street, to Zecchi colori e belle arti, my artist liquids provider.

Stonesteps/Kiviporras, 60x50cm (sold)

Snow tower, 150x60cm (sold)


Duomo Rosa, 90x90cm (sold) 

The Duomo of Florence was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio and construction started 1296. Building took decades, and leading achitect changed many times (A.dCambio died 1302). The oldest layer of facade is like poetry, it is strong, delicate and serene.

Ciborio/Alttari, 130x90cm (sold) 

Arnolfo di Cambio designed more than one altar, one in this painting of Ciborio   santa cecilia in trastevere 1293  church  year  material.

Laivanlähettäjä, 40x130cm (sold)

Hattarat, 80x80cm (sold)

The low tidal sea of Hailuoto has some days, when you can not see the line between sky and sea, every little dune seems to maybe be a cloud after all and vice versa.